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Maintain Heat Exchanger- Fundamental

Maintain Heat Exchanger- Fundamental
Duration 5 Days
Introduction This Heat Exchangers training course will present the technical and operational features of Heat Exchangers of various designs (shell-and tube (STHE), air-cooled (ACHE), plate (PHE) that play a vital role in thermal power plants and petrochemical and process industries. It has been realized that Engineers of diverse backgrounds and expertise need to develop a sound understanding of fundamental principles and interrelationship between various parameters that govern the well designed and operated heat exchangers.
Objectives By the end of this course, the trainee will be able to:

–          State the various types of different Heat Exchanger.

–          Explain the operating parameters of the Heat Exchanger.

–          Heat Exchangers Design Characteristics

–          Understanding of Heat Transfer principles

–          International Codes and Standards for fabrication, operation and maintenance

–          Problems in operation: Fouling and performance monitoring

–          Inspection of corrosion, erosion and structural integrity

–          Explain the use of the various types of application of heat exchanger.

–          Explain the main hazards and risks when working on Heat Exchanger.

–          Demonstrate how to select the Heat Exchanger.

–          Demonstrate how to start up, Tests and shutdown Heat Exchanger.

–          Demonstrate proper inspection and maintenance of Heat Exchanger.

Audience This course designed for:

–          Mechanical Technicians

–          Supervisors

–          Operators

–          Maintenance and Operation Staff

Pre-requisitions –          Basic Knowledge static equipment

–          Fair English language

Outline  DAY ONE – Types and Applications of Heat Exchangers

·         Pre-Assessment

·         Introduction

·         Heat Exchanger Types and Applications: Choice of Working Fluid

·         Heat Transfer Fundamentals and Heat Transfer Rates

·         Heat Exchanger Elements: Tube Bundles, Tube Sheets, Baffles and Nozzles

·         TEMA Nomenclature of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers (STHE)

·         Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHE) and Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE)


DAY TWO – Thermal and Mechanical Design of Heat Exchangers

·         1st Day Recap

·         Flow vs. Temperature Difference in STHE

·         Thermal Specification of Heat Exchangers: Sizing and Rating

·         Mechanical Design of Heat Exchangers

·         Calculation of Basic Elements of STHE

·         Fabrication Technologies of Heat Exchangers

·         Tubes with external and internal fins

·         Workshop: Case Studies, Examples & Solutions


DAY THREE – Operation and Maintenance of Heat Exchangers

·         2nd Day Recap

·         Fouling and scaling in tubes and shells: Problem Solutions and Remedies

·         Inspection Techniques of Vital Elements of Heat Exchangers

·         Control in Operation: Tube Vibration & Troubleshooting

·         Cleaning, Maintenance and Repair Techniques: Tube Plugging and Re-tubing

·         Workshop: Case Studies, Examples & Solutions

·         Open Discussion and general overview

·         Final assessment

Training Methodology This collaborative Power System Fundamental training program will comprise the following training methods:

·         Lectures

·         Presentations

·         Group Discussions

·         Assignments

·         Case Studies

·         This course also follows the

·         ‘Do-Review-Learn-Apply’ model

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